Otago Global Citizenship Festival 2019


The Global Citizenship Festival is an exciting new initiative aimed at building conversations around global citizenship at Otago. We hope to make global citizenship and the wide-ranging topics and issues accessible to all students and staff.

The Festival will be a two-day event filled with a variety of events, activities and displays to inspire and challenge students and staff alike. This is likely to include academic talks, interactive installations and social events. Topics that could be explored include:

  • Global citizenship: what does it mean and how can you be your own global citizen?
  • Race and identity: what is your identity in a multicultural New Zealand?
  • The environment/climate change: de-mystifying the science and law behind climate change
  • Fair and equal societies: What does a fairer, more equitable society look like and how can we get there? Looking at issues of gender equality and poverty.
  • The challenges of caring: empathy in a world of online media and reporting.

Any questions or applications of interest can be sent to matariki.gcp@otago.ac.cnz


Idea Generation

  • Help make the Festival a reality by contributing some kick-ass ideas
  • We are on the look out for ANY interesting ideas to celebrate and highlight global citizenship. Do you know someone doing some really cool research? Have you recently watched a really thought provoking film? Or do you have ideas for engaging activities? Let us know!
  • We are open to any and all ideas!

On the ground Volunteer

  • Over July we will be looking for Volunteers to help make the Festival run as smoothly as possible!
  • This may involve helping set up rooms, decorating (!), or being stationed at one of the Festival activity stations

Have your own event/activity at the Festival

  • The Festival is set to be made up of a combination of different events and activities over the space of two days. This will include things like speaker panels, permanent activity/exhibitions around campus, or workshops!
  • Please let me know if you would like to contribute an event/activity as a part of this!

Be a part of our awesome team!

  • Finally, but not the very least, we are on the hunt for passionate students who would like to join me in organising the Festival!
  • Join the team in planning and running the Festival, from organising all the activities, to promotions, to ordering food! We need a passionate and excited team to kick this Festival off the ground.