Creating Spaces for Dialogue at Otago

Information on creating spaces for dialogue at Otago

Shephard, K., Bourk, M., Mirosa, M., & Dulgar, P. (2016). What global perspective does our university foster in our students? Environmental Education Research:

ABSTRACT: We used a modified circuit of culture enquiry to explore processes of production, representation and consumption of global perspective at our university, in the context of fostering this perspective as a graduate attribute.  We identified four frame packages by which this perspective is understood and communicated.  Global perspective is framed within our institution simultaneously as essentially cooperative and as competitive.  We express concern about how such complexity is fostered in our students.  We ask our colleagues and university teachers internationally to critically reflect upon the diversity of global perspectives extant within higher education and potentially to clarify their intentions as university teachers.

Education for Sustainability:

These web resources, developed by Professor Kerry Shephard and colleagues, bring together sources of information about Education for Sustainability at the University of Otago, with the aim of supporting academic staff as they explore concepts of Education for Sustainability.  They do not seek to duplicate resources available elsewhere, but rather to provide a single point of access to these resources