We see students as key stakeholders of the future, and as valuable co-creators of academic environments within universities.  This strand aims to explore and develop initiatives, methods and structures in which students experience being actively involved in shaping their own education – and future – and through these empowering experiences, acquire the tools and mind-sets to be able to act as global citizens.  We recognise the importance of a balance between staff- and student-led processes, and see students and staff working in partnership as key to the development of the Matariki Global Citizenship Programme.

Both faculty and students from MNU partner universities participated in the Global Citizenship Programme’s first workshop in April 2016, in which they explored critical notions of global citizenship, shared work and experiences, and collaboratively proposed structures and content for the emerging Global Citizenship Programme.  This student-faculty model was a success, and will continue to be an important part of the programme’s activities.

LATEST Empowering Learners POSTS

Exploring ‘Empowering Learners’

This year, the Matariki Global Citizenship Forum will focus on ‘Empowering Learners’. However, the term ‘Empowering Learners’ is quite broad, different individuals have varied perceptions- it could be viewed from a more personal perspective as

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College, Nation and Beyond.

Originally published in the Ustinovian magazine, 12th November 2017. Text by Vicki Baker, photography by Iqbal Ahmed A catch up with our visitors from Uppsala University, Sweden. Living in the bubble of college life, it

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